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Phil Bangayan Phil Bangayan (BS '94, MS '96 Electrical Engineering, minor field Linguistics) is currently a first year student at the Sloan School of Management. Prior to moving to Boston, he worked as a research engineer focusing on speech recognition in the Human Computer Interfaces and Multimedia department at Rockwell Scientific. He may be contacted at

Some of Phil's favorite websites:

Darcy Byrne
Darcy Byrne, (BA Geography/Environmental Studies and Political Science '95), is a Regional Planner at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Wetlands and Waterways. In May 2000, she completed her Masters degree in Urban and Environmental Policy at Tufts University. You can contact Darcy at

Some of Darcy's Favorite Sites:

Tina Jones
Tina Jones (BA, Psychology) is a Software Engineer for American Student Assistance. She is currently working towards a Master's Degree in Information Technology at the Harvard Extension School.

Tina's Favorite Websites are:

Nigel Melville
Nigel Melville (BS '88, Electrical Engineering) is an assistant professor of information systems at Boston College. He has worked for a variety of corporations, including Motorola, in the U.S. and Asia, and in several functions, including product engineering, research and development, and technical editing. He completed his MS from UC Santa Barbara in 1990 and his PhD from UC Irvine in 2001.
Olivia Sanwong
Olivia Sanwong (BS Applied Mathematics '00) just moved to Boston to work for COMSOL, Inc. The year in between graduating from UCLA and moving to Boston, she had a fun-filled year working and traveling all over the world. In that time, she spent 6 months living in Thailand - the country where her father was born. Olivia is a huge Bruin fan and has been known to make crazy trips to see her favorite team in action.

Olivia's Favorite Websites are:

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